Luminati 2019 Review: World Largest Proxy Service

Luminati 2019 Review: World Largest Proxy Service

What is an IPPN? 

IPPN stands for IP Proxy Networks and provides the ability to exchange your IP address in return for millions of real-residential IPs across the globe. Luminati, the market leaders in the world-wide IPPN market is the largest, most advanced ethical proxy service available consisting of four separate networks with IPs available in every country and city across the globe. separate

Data is at the forefront of all operations and accurate data is of the utmost importance. Regardless of your industry whether you work in eCommerce, travel, a marketing agency, account management, web data extraction or data collection itself you require a proxy network to ensure unbiased, real-time data.  

Luminati offers 4 separate networks for all of your proxy needs. 

Rotating residential proxies consist of real-user IPs from every country and city across the globe including high-resolution targeting of ASN’s and ISPs. Luminati has the largest residential proxy network in the world with over 35 million peer end nodes provided by their Luminati SDK. The rotating residential network is commonly used to gather price comparison information or brand protection intelligence. 

The Mobile proxy network is made up of real 3G/4G connections. With over 2 million mobile IPs throughout the world, they have in-depth, sophisticated targeting allowing you to emulate a real mobile user in any country, city, carrier or ASN. With their interface you can even change the user-agent so you can view the web using an iPhone with OSX, Samsung run on android and more.  These features are needed when conducting ad verification and can be extremely useful when working with mobile-centric social media platforms. 

Static residential proxies are proxies purchased by Luminati from an ISP and sold to customers for their exclusive use. This network allows you to emulate a real-user without worrying about rotation. Perfect for sites that require a log-in or prompt you to fill out a form, these non-rotating real-IPs will ensure uninterrupted task completion. 

Luminati’s Data Center proxies are offered in multiple IP types including shared and exclusive proxies in the majority of locations across the globe with country and city targeting. Their large number of subnets and continuous maintenance of the network make their data center proxies extremely reliable. Extremely useful for mass crawling of unsophisticated target sites, the data center offers multiple IP types so you can find exactly what you need. 

With Luminati’s IPPN you have the ability to choose from multiple IP types across its 4 separate networks. 

Their IPs are offered with the option of shared and exclusive IPs. A shared IP is an IP used by multiple customers for an unlimited number of domains. Shared IPs are offered in groups, referred to as a pool that, using their data center network as an example, connects you to a pool of over 20,000 available IPs that can be rotated based on your specifications. With bandwidth-based pricing, you can utilize as many IPs as you need and rotate based on a certain amount of time, a certain number of requests or both. 

Exclusive IPs allow you to guarantee the IP is only used by you for your target site. Exclusive IPs are offered with a ‘cooling period’ which refers to the number of days that IP has not been used for your target site before purchasing. These IPs also have an option to apply them to ‘all domains’ meaning this IP is used solely by you for any domain. 

Along with shared and exclusive options, Luminati has static and rotating IPs as well. These options are more dependent on the network chosen.  Static IPs are great for account management or other operations where IP rotation can cause an issue. Whereas rotating IPs are useful when wanting to check the same site from multiple geolocations. 

Luminati offers many tools to assist in automating proxy operations. 

One of the most popular is their Luminati Proxy Manager allowing for the automation of proxies with no coding required. Their advanced, open-source software provides numerous settings all with easy to use drop-down menus offering you the ability to manage your proxies like an expert. Enjoy the automatic banning of IPs, auto-retry on receiving status codes, timeouts or failures, and automatic IP rotation based on your requirements. 

With features such as waterfall routing, using Luminati’s proxy manager, you can rotate through multiple network types to get the most cost-effective blend, including integrating 3rd party proxy providers. Utilize regex options to filter specific URLs and reduce traffic, all while maintaining the highest success rates, tracked through their in-depth success ratio metrics. 

Working in ad verification? With the Proxy Manager’s affiliate link tester, just choose the most relevant IP types such as the mobile or residential network with country or city targeting depending on where the campaign or promotion is. Once you’ve chosen where you want to test your links, you can copy and paste your affiliate link and track all hops while rendering the final URL and attaining screenshots of the page.  

Another incredibly useful tool is the Luminati Unblocker. Whether you are collecting price comparison data, travel research or conducting web data extraction the unblocker allows for the collection of the most accurate, unbiased data available. This is the first, fully-automated unblocking software allowing you to send one CURL request and let Luminati’s team of proxy experts do the rest.No need to worry about which country, IP types, cookies or headers management.  In response, you will receive the data you require in your chosen format. 

With a focus on ease-of-use, Luminati’s chrome extension ensures everyone can take advantage of the many proxy settings and features available. The chrome extension allows you to rotate networks, control sessions, utilize incognito mode, custom headers and more all from the comfort of your chrome toolbar. 

The IPPN you choose is of the utmost importance in ensuring quality data. The main aspects to focus on are the types of IPs they offer, the quality of the networks provided, and the settings you can choose. Always take into account your own proxy expertise as some IPPNs were created for developers and some for the non-technical. 

Luminati however, with its multiple forms of integration, was created for everyone to use. Their goal is, ‘to make the web transparent again’ and in doing so have made sure that everyone and anyone can take advantage of their many product offerings. If you are interested in speaking with one of Luminati’s Proxy Experts, click here and find out what the world’s most advanced IPPN can do for you! 

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