Top 15 Sites for Social Media Marketing

Top 15 Sites for Social Media Marketing

Social networks are the websites or online platforms for the people to stay with others for exchanging their ideas, discussing on moods, different niches and talking about on every topic of the world. Actually, main purpose of these social media networks was to bring people from the world together for sharing and communication with each other. In fact this is right to say that social media networks offer the best social interaction and gathering to people for making their lives happy, full of rejoicing and entertaining. Today, there many top social network sites in which the following are leading for their unmatched features and services.

1-Facebook: Facebook was launched in February, 2004 just for the college students to share their ideas, plans and exam schedule. But, later on other people also created their accounts and so it became one of the top social networks in the world. Today it has about 900,000,000 unique visitors per month and thus this is a most famous and extremely visited social website in the world.

2-Twitter: It was a micro-blogging site since 2004 and after that its features and functions were upgraded for users. Now, almost 310,000,000 visitors a month visit this website to share their future plans, remarks and special event shares on twitter.

3-Pinterest: In fact, Pinterest is only of 6 year of as it was launched in 2009 for sharing images and supporting the own categories or things in life. So, people started doing a lot of social, business and personal activities son Pinterest and today 250,000,000 visitors each month visit this network that makes it a highly visited social platform.

4-Instagram: This is also a picture sharing social media where you can share your own captured or downloaded images for getting maximum likes and earn popularity. This also has 100,000,000 visitors a month.

5-LinkedIn: This is a professional social media network for the skilled, talented, certified and educated people who post some of jobs and other official things for others. This network has been earning massive fame and today it is used for searching the best jobs and earning ways. It has 255,000,000 visitors each month.

6-VK: This is a social network that has earned a massive fame among the regular social network users and visitors for past few years. Today, it has a traffic of visitors up to 80,000,000 that is a great traffic.

7-Tumblr: Tumblr provides the users and visitors the best environment for communication, sharing images, pictures and other remarkable stuff with their followers and fellows. Visitors on Tumblr have reached to 110,000,000 per month that is a big traffic volume.

8-Google Plus: Google plus is a social network of Google like Gmail for communication, sharing pictures, videos and web links. Most people use this network for web and brand promotion it has usually 120,000,000 visitors each month.

9-Tagged: It is a growing social network that has only 38,000,000 users a month, but it is the best for business development and digital marketing. You can also do a lot of personal and entertaining activities on this superb network.

10-Vine: Vine offers users communication, sharing, making fun and advertising a brand or business without paying any cost. This network has a month reach of users up to 42,000,000.

11-Flickr: Although this is not a famous social network, but it is growing rapidly and has reached to 65,000,000 visitors per month.

12-ClassMates: This social network is not well known and at top of the list, because it has a low ranking and less visitor per month up to 15,000,000. For personal chat and business marketing this network facilitates users with a number of features. It has 37.000.000 visitors a month and is becoming common among professionals.

14-MeetMe: At MeetMe you can do many types of personal and business activities and here you will get most of students and youngsters for fun. However, numbers of visitors on this network are 15,500,000 per month.

15-MeetUp: Many people consider MeetUp social network as a dating site, while in fact this is not. However, you can establish relationships with girls and boys for long term and also can also do business. This has monthly visitors up to 40,000,000.

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