ZETServers Review: The Best 10GBPS Unmetered Dedicated Servers

ZETServers Review: The Best 10GBPS Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Price is often a factor when it comes to choosing web hosting. However, you may be tempted to overlook a poor feature set in order to obtain something within your budget – so doing some research beforehand is paramount. Our ZETServers review will take a look at this budget-maximizing option, and offer the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

In just over a decade, ZetServers has grown from a small web host to one used by over millions of people, which is due in part to its optimized & specific plans. On top of that, ZETServers publicly displays its server status, and its uptimes are consistently solid. Should you host your # site at @ZetServers? 

It’s no wonder this is an appealing option to so many new website owners.

In this ZETServers review, we’ll look at key elements such as features and performance, to help you decide whether this host is worth your time and money. Let’s get started!

About ZetServers:

ZetServers has been present in the field of web hosting from more than 10 years. They are a privately-held Romanian web hosting company operated by INTERKVM HOST SRL company, having it’s headquarters in Lipova (Arad), Romania. They have a data center located in St. Louis, Missouri, where they operate all of their servers. Their offerings include Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting and other IT services, each being subsequently divided into multiple plans that cater to different budgets and hosting needs. Their Dedicated Servers come with instant activation, 2Tbps DDoS protection and 24/7 technical support.

Why ZetServers:

One of the biggest factors that ZetServers unique from any other hosting provider in the market is their Ultra-fast Unmetered VPS plans which are powered entirely by enterprise SSD drives.
Each individual plan can be complemented by a wide array of extra features. If you are transferring from another host, their support team will help you with the process, completely free of charge. They guarantee at least 99.99% server uptime, as well as 7-day money back, guarantee on all of their plans (except dedicated hosting), which is way below the standard 30-day money back guarantee provided by other hosts of the same caliber. In order to pay for their services, you can use all of the major accept PCredit Cards, PayPal, BitCoin and UK Bank Transfers as payment methods. .


Highlighted below are some of the great features that make ZetServers unique when compared to their competitors in the market:

           ⦁ 100% Fully-Managed Servers:
All ZetServers servers are fully managed, no matter what plan you choose. This means that they can help you in the process of configuring your server, along with being able to complete some tasks for you, all without you having to do anything.

            ⦁ 24/7 Support:
Their 24/7 support team helps provide you with solutions to any problems that you might have, no matter when they occur.

            ⦁ Free Backups:
When it comes to maintaining your web server, you don’t want to have to worry about backups. Luckily free weekly backups are included with all of ZetServers’s VPS Hosting plans. If you want more frequent backups, they do unfortunately cost an extra amount per month.

            ⦁ Free Website Migration:
Migrating your server from your current host to ZetServers is quite simple. All you have to do is let their support team know that you want your stuff moved to your new host, and they’ll help take care of the rest for you.

            ⦁ 99.99% Uptime, Guaranteed:
ZetServers guarantees that their servers will be accessible for at least 99.99% of any time period. However, they do typically net a higher average.

            ⦁ Gigabit Network Connectivity:
All of ZetServers’s servers are connected to a Gigabit Network – this allows for faster speeds and lower latency, with none of the downsides.

Support options

For many users, one of the most important hosting features after price is support. While you’re setting up your website using ZETServers, you’re bound to have some questions. While the internet is filled with lots of helpful hints and instructional posts, a direct line to answer your specific inquiries is always a boon.

The good news is that ZetServers’s support team is available 24/7. You can either give them a call or send them a message:

To see how ZETServers would respond, we sent a general inquiry of our own. We received a response in a little over four minutes, which is great.

Overall, the support representative we spoke to was friendly and helpful. The chat included useful and actionable information, as well as screenshots for clarification. For any of your general inquiries, ZETservers is easy to contact, and its response times are reasonable.

Affordable Price

ZetServers proudly claims themselves as one of the most cost-effective 10Gbps Streaming Servers web hosting providers on the whole market. And to be fair, they do a pretty good job of keeping that claim factual.
Something that makes ZetServers unique as a web hosting service is that their prices are displayed clearly and openly on its website for their visitor. I think ZetServers deserves the praise for doing this. In fact, on most screen resolutions and layouts, you can actually see their plan pricing without even scrolling down on the page! Additionally, their features (and limitations) are laid out clearly for potential customers to read and see if ZetServers’s plans are right for them.
None of ZetServers’s competitors have this level and type of transparency. Other competitors will hide the prices or make you sign up before you can even see them. This is often done to sneak in hidden charges that they don’t want to reveal until they’ve gotten you to register (and partially commit to going with them).
And while the price can seem high when directly comparing with other hosting providers, you do actually get a lot for your money, mainly in the service department. The tech support is second-to-none and the care that clients receive is exclusive, to say the least.
The image below shows the starting prices for one of it’s type of hosting at ZetServers.

They have three type of hosting plans which are given below.

Unmetered Virtual Servers

Unmetered Dedicated Servers

Unmetered Collocations


Overall, ZETServers is a strong choice for both experienced developers and newbies. It offers fast speeds and knowledgeable customer support. However, while its performance is solid overall, you will really enjoy with their extraordinary performance now and again on heavy-traffic sites.

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