Hmm, Looking for Consulting?

Great. You are on the right page. (You won’t find any Fancy images, or stats on this page. I beleive that you must be here because you trust my knowledge.)

Well, let me explain how I can help you and your business grow.

I’ve been into blogging and Internet Marketing for the past 5 years and during this period I have gained a lot of experience.

I started dozens of Blogs, I tested 100s of Ad Campaigns, I partnered and helped over 20 companies and most importantly I have helped hundreds of bloggers earn their first dollar.

So I have done pretty much everything and to be honest, I AM STILL LEARNING EVERYDAY.

With my current experience, I believe I can help you (YES YOU) to grow your blog/website or Business.

Here’s what I can provide;

  • I can Help you to Grow your Website Traffic
  • I can help you with Content Marketing and Generation
  • I can Help you formalize Strategies to grow your Business
  • I can help improve the SEO of your Website
  • I can help you get started with Freelancing
  • I can help you start a Career online
  • I can help you in Keyword Research and Link Building

Anything I know, I can Teach. You just ask for it!!

And by the way, I make sure that you get what you expected. An average session of mine lasts over 2 hours. So Yes, I make sure that I deliver everything in detail. 

How much does 1 Session costs?

A Consulting session of upto 2 hours will cost $50-$150 depending upon your requirements.  The payment can be made via Paypal, Paytm or Bank Transfer. 

If you are not satisfied with the session, you will get 100% Back. 

The only reason I charge is to enable only serious people like you to learn.

How to Book a Consulting Session?

If you are interested in Online Consulting Session, then please contact us via email: [email protected]

If you want to do sponsored reviews then please contact us via above email.

Note:Sponsored reviews, prices below $50 will not be show on front page of the site.