Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers In 2019

Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers In 2019

Do you really want to increase website traffic organically? If yes then follow these basic search engine optimization (SEO) tips to secure visible position in search engine results.

Basic SEO Tips For Bloggers to Get High Ranks

Content writing is not the only thing that you need to do with your blog but there are a lot factors that can help you get your blog noticed and below are some basic SEO tips for bloggers that they must consider in order to rank higher in search engines.

Keyword research

It is something most important aspect of on-page SEO that most of us omit just by thinking that it is waste of time. Effective keyword research enables your content to appear in top SERPs even without building backlinks.

A lot of online keyword research tools are available that can help you boost your research and SEMrush is one of them. Through this way, you can write SEO optimized blog post for your blog to secure high ranks.

Always find the most relevant keyword to write for your website or blog and also spy on your competitors’ blogs to get unique ideas for writing.

Write quality content

Once keywords are found, now its time to create quality content for your blog or website. Always include your keywords in content naturally in order to appear in most search engine results.

You should also consider other on-page seo aspects to get most of from your content such as appealing title with your keywords, use of H2 and H3 tags, short paragraphs to make posts easy to read, description and relevant tags etc.

Image optimization

Images can give your blog posts an appealing appearance and always remember to optimize images to get most of from your SEO efforts. Since image optimization is one of the SEO tips for bloggers, always rename your images before uploading, use keywords in alt tags and write a short image description etc.

By doing so, your blog will be able to appear in more searches whether it is Google search or Google image search.

Interlink your old blog posts

As interlinking is one of majoron-pagee SEO factors, linking your old blog posts with new posts can boost rank for your webpages.

But always remember to add old blog post links that are most relevant and informative for your readers as well.

Always use internal linking wisely to pass the link juice and authority to your other posts or web pages.

Encourage your audience to provide feedback

Always encourage your readers to leave feedback on reviews about your posts in form of blog comments. It will not only help you get things improved in future as per readers’ interests but will also improve the reader engagement.

Make it easy for your readers to write and submit blog post comments and use Commentluv plugin for this purpose as it makes the process of blog commenting easier.

Use nofollow tags for external links

In the whole process of optimizing your blog or site for search engines, links added in your blog posts always play a major role in boosting web page ranks in search engine result pages.

When it comes to add some external links in your posts, always use Nofollow tag to prevent passing link juice or authority to those links in order to prevent spamming activities on your blog.

As nofollow tags prevent passing link juice to external links, it probably prevent penalizing your website from Google in terms of paid advertisement.

Make your blog easy to share

If your readers are enjoying what you write for them, they will love to share it within the friend circle for sure. That’s why your blog or website should be easy to share and you can use appealing social share buttons to get more shares for your blog posts.

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