Seller Snap Review: The Best & Trusted  Repricer Tool For Amazon

Seller Snap Review: The Best & Trusted Repricer Tool For Amazon

If you are someone who is doing an E-commerce business, as you know staying on top of the competition is always a big challenge for the owner.

Now the competition is not just about a product availability on the market, but it also extends to competitive pricing structure of the product. 

For understanding the perfect price structure for your products and to gain higher profits on Amazon, it is recommended to use an automated tool like Seller Snap.

Seller Snap will help you with such solutions with their AI Amazon repricer and analytics tool.

Here is a detailed review of Seller Snap and if it is worth the price structure of the tool then you must go with this. Let’s get started.

About Seller Snap

Seller Snap is an AI Amazon Game Theory Repricer and Analytics tool. Seller Snap surveys and scans thousands of competitor price changes and analyses their behavior to predict future behavior and outsmart the competition. Using thought-out repricing strategies, Seller Snap helps you to protect profit margins while avoiding price wars.

Seller Snap analyzes real-time data and Amazon price changes and automatically reprices your products to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

Seller Snap is unique because it uses “Game Theory” tactics to accurately evaluate current market conditions and improve your Amazon sales.

Why should you choose Seller Snap? 

Seller Snap’s algorithm makes for a very developed and successful tool and was designed to help Amazon sellers scale their business.

  • Easy Setup 

Its easy and efficient setup saves time.

  • Automatic Repricing 

Powered by AI technology and Game Theory tactics, this tool reprices your products to get you the BuyBox at the highest possible price, while avoiding price wars.

  • Expert Support

Their team of experts thoroughly investigates potential issues and effectively solves them.


The tool is based on 3 major features:

-AI-Powered Repricer

Seller Snap’s AI repricer thinks as a human seller, which means their algorithm is capable of detecting the behaviour of a specific competitor and adjusting the pricing strategy to beat the competitor/s to win the Buy Box at a higher price point. So this repricer goes one step forward and learns from your direct competitors to outsmart them.

As I stated at the beginning of this review, most other repricers focus on aggressive strategies which consist of just lowering the price. That means that if you face an aggressive seller, you can “beat each other to death” meaning you will kill each other’s margins. Seller Snap avoids price wars by beating the opponent with a smarter strategy. One of the biggest selling points of the repricer is that no set-up is needed as its algorithmic so it learns from the competitive environment and optimizes the listing.

-Custom repricing strategies

Custom repricing strategies you can combine with the AI-powered repricer or to use as an alternative.

The pre-built strategies are:

  • AI Repricer
  • Win Buybox
  • Fixed price
  • Follow BuyBox
  • Follow competitor
  • Follow highest FBA
  • Follow highest FBM
  • Follow Lowest Competitor
  • Follow lowest FBA
  • Follow lowest FBM
  • Follow Lowest Multiple Competitors
  • Follow Lowest SFP
  • Follow Multiple Related ASINs
  • Follow Related ASIN
  • Recurring Price Change
  • Set to Last Purchase Price
  • Set to Max Price
  • Set to Min Price

-Seller Analytics

A complete detailed view on what’s going on on your account:

  • Current Buy Box price
  • Buy Box share
  • Breakdown of your competitors by FBA, FBM & SFP
  • Inventory levels
  • make better decisions based on Seller Snap’s own replenishment data (when do you need to refill, how much…)
  • A breakdown of your storage fees, inventory age, return data and reimbursement data
  • Revenue drop: which listings generated less revenue this week than the week before
  • Listings without competitors analytics
  • Buy Box below minimum price data
  • and you can create and schedule your own reports


You can choose the pricing that fits your needs. Seller Snap offers a 15-days free trial and the best part is that they never ask you to enter the credit card details for availing the free trial. Here are the plans:

Final Recommendation

After reading above review post, now if you would like to take our opinion then we should go with Seller Snap. It is a power-boosting tool for the sellers who have their eCommerce store and are looking to maximize their profits by making smart decisions. It helps sellers to make informed decisions and outsmart their competitors using the powerful insights and reporting offered by this tool.

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