Top 3 Best Data Entry Services Providers In The World

The need for data entry services has grown worldwide, with increasing digitization of documents and generation of data in various forms. It has become vital for businesses to ensure the accuracy, reliability and quality of data for critical business decision making. The day-to-day management of huge volumes of data, generated from invoices, documents, fax, bills, receipts, purchase orders and others, is a challenge for all businesses, needing long-term and cost-effective solutions.

Data entry outsourcing, especially offshoring, has emerged as a popular measure over the years. This provides a cost-effective and reliable way of ensuring that data entry is carried out with the highest attention to accuracy. SMEs find that outsourcing/offshoring/nearshoring their bulk volume data entry requirements can help them achieve tremendous improvements in business productivity, significant cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, reduction in risks, shortened time-to-market and BPO efficiency. There is a wide variety of experienced data entry outsourcing providers. These provide customized data entry services tailored to the requirements of different industries.

Below are the list of top three data entry companies, whom we strongly recommend for your data entry requirements.

Top 3 Best Data Entry Services Providers In The World

1- Oworkers:

If you are in the marketing looking to outsource for data entry companies, you will be no stranger to Oworkers.As one of the top data entry companies,Oworkers provides a multilingual data entry outsourcing service. Oworkers offers fully scalable and managed data entry and data processing services (data enrichment and data validation) via their own software and human resources.

Oworkers is a data entry service provider exceeding in the type, annotate, categorize, moderate, data validate, and contents. The services are available in more than twenty languages, along with exceptional tools and a managed workforce. There are various centers found in the globe at different locations like Madagascar, Bulgaria, and Egypt.

Their service covers:

  • Invoices processing / Customer Orders
  • eCommerce Catalogs
  • Forms & Documents For a Variety Of Industries
  • Civil Records
  • and more!

As a data entry outsourcing company, Oworkers is also certified to be EU GDPR compliant and is an ISO 27001 certified company. Moreover, their delivery centres are situated in the best locations for outsourcing data projects at lower costs than hiring locally.

RATING: 9.2/10


Invensis is a leading IT-BPO company, specializing in providing data entry services, with offices in India and the US. Invensis has been successfully processing millions of documents for many companies since 2000, across various industry verticals such as healthcare, logistics, real estate, insurance, chemical, manufacturing retail, education, telecom, oil and gas, and automobile. They have been consistently delivering efficient, accurate, and reliable offshore data entry services for large, medium, and small companies in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and many other countries. The services include online and offline data entry, image data entry, document processing, forms processing, document conversion, pdf, e-book and data conversion services, OCR services, data extraction and data cleansing. Hiring Invensis for data entry requirements will cut costs by nearly 40 % and boost business productivity and efficiency. The use of advanced technology such as OCR and ICR guarantees greater

RATING: 8.4/10

3- Strong Vision Data Processing

Founded in 2016, Strong Vision Data Processing provides custom solutions for data management at the best prices to various types of companies. It has managed to win a lot of clients despite being new in the market. With their team of specialised professionals, they are able to provide different types of data entry services, such as

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • E-Commerce Product Data
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Listings
  • Remote Desktop Data Entry

The company also firmly believe in offering solutions that would improve efficiency, reduce costs, and allow the client to focus on their primary job. If you want a smart data entry solution, Strong Vision Data Processing is one of the data entry companies to consider in the market.

RATING: 8.2/10

Conclusion About Picking The Right Data Entry Outsourcing Company

With our comprehensive list of data entry outsourcing companies, it can be tough to decide which best fits your business needs or specific requirements.

But if there is one major benefit to take away from outsourcing data entry companies, then it is the cost reduction in hiring someone offshore as compared to locally. And in addition to that, you are also able to delegate the repetitive, time-consuming data entry tasks to a professional external team of specialists.

To learn more about outsourcing your data entry projects and the value that a data entry company can bring your business, chat with us on our website., As a bonus for sticking with us till the end! Contact for limited free consultation and trial of data entry services today.

Our Recommendation:  Oworkers

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