Top 3 Best Alternative Asset Hedge Funds in the World

New Hedge Funds are being established on a daily basis (and often, it seems, are shuttered equally quickly).  However, there are several prominent Quant Hedge Funds that have had a significant track record, and while longevity is no guarantee of future staying power, these firms are considered leaders in the Hedge Fund spacification.

This list is by no means exhaustive. For example, many multi-strategy hedge funds, while not typically known as Quant Hedge Funds, have significant quantitative strategies that they run as part of their platform.  Consider XYZ, a “diversified investment platform comprising hedge funds, traditional investment management products, and credit and equity investments with longer-term holding periods.”  Among other strategies, Highbridge offers Convertible Bond Arbitrage and Statistical Arbitrage funds, which are typically thought of as more quantitative strategies than some of their other product offerings, which include credit and global macro investments.

Additionally, keep in mind that firms other than Hedge Funds run quantitative trading strategies. Many large banks do, via proprietary trading divisions. However, with the implementation of the Volcker Rule, banks are limited in the types of investment activities they can engage in. As a result, many quant trading strategies have been moving and likely will continue to move from internal trading desks at the banks to banks’ asset management arms.


Hedonova is trusted in the sense that it is a legitimate hedge fund (registered in Delaware) offering a legitimate alternative investment option to any accredited investor. Hedge funds are inherently risky investments, and prospective investors should carefully review the Hedonova offering documents before investing.

Some great features of Hedonova are given below.

  • Open To Every One: Hedonova is a hedge fund that is open to everyone.
  • Investing in multiple non-traditional asset classes:  These classes like art, wine, “unicorn” startups, equipment finance, litigation finance among others
  • Minimum Investment: You can start investing with $1000.
  • Delaware LLC 506(b) exempted fund: Investors become members of a Delaware LLC 506(b) exempted fund.
  • Track your portfolio : Hedonova will send weekly email with a portfolio report and updates about investment.
  • Invest: Invest via any payment gateway.  blocks will be allocated to the investors, which are similar to shares in companies.
  • Exit any time: In Hedonova exit your investment anytime. There are no exit or entry loads, neither any lock-ins.
  • Founded: 2020
  • Investment Types: Real Estate, Art & Collectibles, Venture, Litigation Finance, Income Share Agreements, and Fine Wine
  • Minimum Investment: $1,000
  • Advertised Returns: 20-25%


“Acadian has a rigorous and structured investment process. They quantify most aspects of our investment process, including the excess return they believe each security in our investment universe will generate over a particular horizon, and the risk we expect a particular portfolio to experience relative to its benchmark. The objective of this note is to explain why they believe a quantitative approach makes sense, and what advantages and disadvantages such an approach has relative to more traditional approaches. they believe that quantitative techniques are tools. They are ways of applying traditional approaches to making investment decisions in a disciplined and systematic way. Thus their approach to investing is not at odds with a traditional approach. They use the same tools many traditional portfolio managers use, but attempt to apply them in a very systematic and disciplined way, avoiding emotion and slippages in implementation.


“Capula Investment Management LLP is a global fixed income specialist firm. The firm manages fixed income trading strategies in absolute return and enhanced fixed income products, along with a tail risk hedge product.  Capula Investment Management LLP focuses on developing innovative investment strategies that exhibit low correlation to traditional equity and fixed income markets.

What differentiates Capula is its macro focus, strong trading discipline and short-term orientation rather than a medium-term investment style. The firm’s understanding of liquidity risks and tail risks has helped it thrive through all stages of the investment cycle, including periods of extreme market disruption. The Capula GRV Fund is focused on interest rates and macro trading. The fund engages in relative value and convergence strategies that seek to exploit pricing anomalies in the government bond, interest rate swap and major exchange traded derivatives markets and employs a defensive macro overlay. Investment themes are primarily driven by alpha generation and are intended to stay neutral to directional moves in major capital markets. The Capula Tail Risk Fund invests in a range of instruments primarily in G7 markets. It targets superior returns in times of liquidity and systemic crises while minimizing downside during normal market conditions. Both funds are actively managed in the proprietary trading style.”

Our Recommendation:   Hedonova

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