Top 3 Best Website to Sell Feet Pics & Making Money In The World

The feet pic industry is high on the rise. And it’s not that the world suddenly developed fetishism for feet. It’s just that we found new ways to share them and make each other’s evenings.

If you love your feet and reckon someone will have the same opinion of them, then you are walking on a pair of passive income sources.

Where can you sell your feet pics, you may ask? Well, to someone you know who likes feet pics or has a business that can use them in some way or in the many marketplaces that have buyers on hand.

In this article, I will discuss some of the best websites and apps to sell feet pics and how each one operates.

The Best Place to Sell Feet Pics

1- FeetFinder

If you’re looking for the best place to sell feet pictures online, FeetFinder is the site for you.

Different sites use different methods to facilitate the sharing of feet pics among feet lovers. Feetfinder – a dedicated feet pic marketplace – happens to be one of my favorites.

The site has over 250,000 users, all of whom are there for the same thing: feet pictures and videos. Many of them are sellers like you, but most are buyers.

The quality of your photos and, of course, the appearance of your feet will determine how you fare on the website. Your pricing and popularity in and outside the site may also have a say.

I would recommend Feetfinder to anyone who wishes to add an income source to their current options and cares about their privacy (Feetfinder doesn’t require you to show customers your face). If you fancy the freedom to set your feet pic prices, again, this is the site for you.


Instafeet charges buyers a subscription fee but has a different arrangement with sellers. That is what makes it different from Feetfinder, which is subscription-based on the seller’s side.

With Instafeet, you create a profile, upload pictures, and withdraw your earnings through PayPal. The site keeps 10% of your earnings and sends you the rest twice every month.

According to reviews, you can make as much as $500 per day. This requires a lot of patience and uploading, though.

It’s near-impossible to join and start earning that much immediately unless you have a killer marketing approach and use most of the site’s earning channels.

3. Feetify

You cannot discuss websites to sell feet pictures without mentioning Feetify. As the name suggests, Feetify is strictly a platform for selling feet pics.

Although it’s not as popular as its rivals Instafeet and Feetfinder, it’s legit and certainly worth exploring.

What you’re likely to like about it is that it accepts male feet pics too. Some sites like Instafeet only have a place for female sellers.

Final Recommendation: FeetFinder

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